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- Fixed an Alerting issue within a particular Complex Content-Aware rule condition. If a Complex rule included a custom ‘Document Properties’ rule group that used the “Password Protected” checked option, an Alert was not triggered properly on a file sent via the MAPI protocol.

- Fixed logic when applying Complex group rules to a file when the “Apply Content-Aware Rules to file/folder names” option is enabled.

Search Server
- Fixed issue that caused the Search Server to stop unexpectedly while indexing specific Enterprise Server data.

- Fixed an issue that caused very slow OS load in some environments when “Unhook Protection” is enabled in the DeviceLock Administrators enhanced security settings.
- Fixed intermittent issue that caused inability to open a shadow-captured file from the Shadow Log Viewer when connected to the DeviceLock Service and/or DeviceLock Enterprise Server via the DeviceLock Management Console on some systems.
- Fixed redundant audit record of “Device Access” event when accessing a white-listed Removable device.
-Fixed issue of the Report PnP Devices report in DeviceLock Enterprise Manager related to "Add to Database as Device Model” and "Add to Database as Unique Device” functions.


- Enhanced Twitter Social Network control.
- Combined e-mail message body text and subject line text into a singular content check for keyword “hit count” determination.

- Improved memory management while inspecting content.

- The DeviceLock Discovery Agent that is integrated into the DeviceLock Service will now only run when called, i.e. when a Discovery Task is present on the DeviceLock Discovery Server and is then sent to that endpoint’s Agent.

- Improvements in overall agent stability.
- Improved general compatibility with third-party software product: GoToAssist.