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- Fixed issue which caused inability to display Protocols blocked message when trying to open a forbidden Social Network or WebMail service when an allowing White List rule is present for another service.
- Fixed issue that may have caused SMTP messages to be moved to the "Drafts" folder if MAPI protocol controls were denied.Enhanced SkyDrive, Dropbox, Yandex.Disk and Amazon S3 File Sharing web services controls.

- Fixed compatibility issues with Adobe PDF printer.
- Fixed issue that may have prevented the DeviceLock Service from starting on slow computers.
- Fixed issue that prevented DeviceLock Service version to be shown for offline computers in Monitoring tasks in the DeviceLock Enterprise Server.
- Fixed issue caused an "Audit folder operations" malfunction when Content-Aware Rules were set for a device.
- Fixed DeviceLock Enterprise Server database upgrade issue when using MS SQL Server 2000.
- Fixed intermittent issues in filter functionality for the Shadow Log viewer within the DeviceLock Service and DeviceLock Enterprise Server.
- Fixed issue which prevented the display of the DeviceLock Administrators list in the right console view of the DeviceLock Service Settings Editor.
- Fixed intermittent issue caused some keyboards and mouse models not working after blocking PC.
- Fixed general compatibility issues with third-party software products: Foxit Reader, Dr.Web Security Space, Dr. Web 9, Eset NOD Smart Security 7, avast! Premier, avast! Internet Security, avast! Free Antivirus 8, G Data TotalProtection 2013, and Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security.


- Enhanced Yahoo Mail, Gmail, and WebMail controls.
- Enhanced Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Odnoklassniki, MySpace, LiveInternet, Google+ and LiveJournal Social Network controls.
- Significant performance improvements when handling several simultaneous SSL connections.
- Auditing and shadowing now supported for Microsoft SkyDrive native Windows application.
- Content-Aware blocked write message can now be shown when Content-Aware Rules block data/file transmission over a supported network protocol.

- Added new device type: "MTP". This addition allows more granular control of Media Transfer Protocol devices such as cameras and smartphones.
- Added support for Apple OS X 10.9 (Mavericks).
- DeviceLock Enterprise Manager now shows more detailed information when the Install Service plug-in fails to install the DeviceLock Service on a remote computer
- Improved the algorithm of loading Service Settings file using the DeviceLock Management Console. The console now checks the list of DeviceLock Administrators and only applies the settings file if at least one account with full access rights can be resolved.
- Improved support for the temporary white list function on Windows 8.1 running in VMWare 10 environment.
- Interface improvements in DeviceLock WebConsole.
- The user manual and program help files have been updated to include information about all new features.