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License status: Trial mode


When performing DeviceLock License status check the following information window appear:
You have N valid Windows license(s) installed:

1. Name: NFR_DeviceLock_1 | Number: 3101313 | Type: N DeviceLock license(s) | Free upgrades until: 03.10.201x

License status: Commercial.
Total license(s): N
Used license(s): ...

You have 0 valid Mac license(s) installed.

License status: Trial mode, X day(s) left.


Starting from 7.3 version DeviceLock ships with DeviceLock Service for Mac Ц the separately licensed component that provides device control functionality of DeviceLock for Mac computers.

The number of installed/used Mac licenses is displayed below information about total used Windows licenses.

In case of missing MAC license DeviceLock Console will work in 30-day evaluation period for DeviceLock Mac Agents, while for Windows-based clients its will remain full-functional when Mac-trial period expires.

Please ignore this trial warning message if you don't own any Mac-licenses.