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- Fixed intermittent issue that caused “Allow” exception rules to not have priority over “Deny” rules in Basic IP Firewall;
- Fixed issue that caused inability to control access to Mapped Network Drives as SMB resources in some cases;
- Fixed intermittent Outlook application issues;
- Fixed intermittent MAPI shadowing policy issues;
- Fixed issue that caused inability to access SMB shares on Unix servers when settings for the SMB protocol are defined.

- Fixed DeviceLock Search Server’s inability to display more than 10 pages of the search results in the DeviceLock Management Console’s (DLMC) DeviceLock Search Server screen;
- Fixed intermittent issue that caused inability to perform remote installation of DeviceLock Service using management consoles (ex. “The incorrect DeviceLock Service.msi file is selected” error);
- Fixed monitoring issue that caused incorrect comparison of alert settings;
- Fixed issue that caused DeviceLock to impact printing performance from the PDF-XChange Viewer browser plug-in;
- Fixed intermittent issue that caused a “Device Model” (manufacturer’s VID/PID only) to be displayed as “Unique Device” (VID/PID/DID) in DeviceLock Management Console and Service Settings Editor in some cases;
- Fixed compatibility issue with Fujitsu KB400 keyboards;
- Fixed compatibility issue with third-party software: TeamViewer 8;
- Fixed issue with Content-Aware Rules settings prompting excessive group membership ACL confirmations with DC every hour;
- Fixed issue with applying DeviceLock Service settings using group policy;
- Fixed issue caused "Mapped Drives Write" permissions to affect printing from terminal session;
- Fixed issue that allowed the interface to add an inactive computer account from AD or LDAP directory to a DeviceLock monitoring task;
- Fixed issue that caused inability to display server logs in DeviceLock WebConsole if there are more than 5 thousand records;
- Fixed intermittent issue that caused incorrect handling of "Allow Audit & Shadowing as Type" and "Read-only" flags for whitelisted USB printers;
- Fixed intermittent issue that prevented DeviceLock Enterprise Server from stopping;
- Fixed issue that caused crash of some applications while printing on some Samsung printers with the PostScript driver.


- Improved overall performance when wildcards are set in Hosts field of Protocols White List rules;
- Improved the Dropbox and SkyDrive File Sharing web service controls;
- Improved the Jabber and Windows Messenger instant messenger application controls;
- Improved the Google+, Facebook, Tumblr and LiveJournal Social Network controls;
- Improved the Yahoo Mail, Gmail and WebMail controls;
- Improved Basic IP Firewall - added ability to block TeamViewer and RDP connections;
- Improved Basic IP Firewall - added ability to block secure (SSL) IMAP connections;
- Fixed issue that caused inability to control access to Mapped Network Drives as SMB resources in some cases;
- Improved performance for outgoing data connections when permissions, audit, alerts or shadowing rules are set for the SMB protocol;
- Improved proxy support.

- DeviceLock will no longer reset all network connections during a DeviceLock Service installation or upgrade;
- Improved compatibility with management of network printers;
- Improvements made in the encryption integration with SecurStar’s DriveCrypt Plus Pack 5.2.


- "Uniform Resource Locator (URL)" pattern can now match links with Cyrillic characters;
- The following keyword filter group templates were added: Japan: Surname in Hiragana, Japan: Surname in Kanji, Japan: Surname in Katakana, Japan: Surname in One-Byte-Katakana;
- The following Regular Expression filter pattern templates were added: UK Date, Japan: Address, Japan: Date, Japan: Phone Number, Mexican Tax ID Number, Poland National Identity Card Number, South African ID Number, South Korean Resident Registration Number, Spanish Full Name, Taiwan: Jih Sun Bank Account Number, Turkish ID Number, UK RD&E Hospital Number, Californian ID Number.

- Improved SMTP alerts - added %SUMMARY_TABLE% macros to display a table detailing and visualizing individual events;
- “Use group policy” parameter now available in Service Settings Editor.


All ports configured in Basic IP Firewall will be removed when you upgrade to this version. Please note current settings if this control is used so they can be re-instated manually.