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How to resolve the issue of DeviceLock detecting authorized devices as keyloggers


Devicelock can wrongly detect some devices (especially composite ones) as keyloggers. This article contains instructions on overcoming the issue.


- Enable "Default Security" flag in DeviceLock Administrators dialog;
- Stop DeviceLock agent with the "dlservice -e" command;
- Run Registry Editor, open the [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\SmartLine Vision\DeviceLock] branch;
- Create a Multi-string value type parameter named "AntiKeyloggerWhiteList";
- In the context manu of the parameter, selectModify...;
- Add DeviceID, one per line (without quotes), e.g. "USB\VID_0781&PID_3645";
- DeviceID can be either PID/VID or Unique ID;
- Press "OK", start DeviceLock Agent with the "dlservice -s" command and reboot the computer.

*The above how-to applies to version 7.1.41235 and later versions of DeviceLock.