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Configuration: A USB device cannot be controlled on device type level (applies to unclassified USB devices)


Have you had the problem of being unable to control a device on device type level? This article contains the explanations.


DeviceLock uses Windows-based device classification. That means that the application defines a device exactly as Windows does. Since DeviceLock has a limited number of device groups (i.e. USB storage devices, HID devices, USB printers and scanners, etc.), a possibility exists that a device which is classified by Windows as unique, not belonging to a certain class device (e.g. Blackberry USB device), being plugged to the PC will not be attributed to an existing device group. Its not a DeviceLock issue, it is how Windows works. Moreover, theres no sense to create such additional groups within DeviceLock, as the number of such unique devices is permanently growing.


The optimal solution in this case is to add the device to USB Devices White List.