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Issues with third-party software after the installation of DeviceLock


Experiencing issues when running third-party software after the installation of DeviceLock?

1. We will need a distribution package of the software you are experiencing issues with. Please upload it to our FTP server (contact DeviceLock support team ( for FTP server credentials);

2. In case the software can not be provided, we will need a complete memory dump generated at the very moment the issue occurs, as well as DeviceLock Agent logs for investigation. This article contains the instructions on how to force memory dump generation and DeviceLock Agent verbose logging.


dlservice_log_full.reg (830 b)

- Turn on "Enable Default Security" flag in Service Options "DeviceLock Administrators" window on problem computer;
- Stop DeviceLock Service with the dlservice.exe e command;
- Run the attached .reg file;
- In "Program Files\DeviceLock Agent"or in "Program Files\DeviceLock\DeviceLock Agent" folder, find and delete any file with the .log extension;
- Close all applications;
- Start DeviceLock Service with thedlservice.exe s command;
- Launch applications necessary for replicating the issue only;
- Reproduce the issue several times (please avoid any action except those required to reproduce the issue);
- Find, archive and send to us every file with the .log extension from "Program Files\DeviceLock Agent"or "Program Files\DeviceLock\DeviceLock Agent" folder

1. Right-click "My Computer" icon at Desktop -> "Properties" item in context menu -> select "Advanced" tab -> click "Settings" button in "Startup and Recovery" -> select "Complete memory dump" in "Write debugging information" combobox -> Restart your PC.

2. Reproduce the issue (if there is any error window on replicating the issue, don't close it), and run the attached utility with the following command: StartBluescreen.exe 0 0 0 0 0

3. The machine will go into BSOD.
Wait until system writes the crash dump to the specified location (it is important that you do not manually reset your computer until it does).
Wait until the computer restarts, go to "Windows" folder (this file is actually stored in the folder specified in "Startup and Recovery") and find the crash dump file "memory.dmp".

4. Compress the dump file to an archive (.zip) and upload it to our FTP server:

*Contact DeviceLock support team for FTP server credentials;

**Note that you have to upload files to our FTP server using binary mode (refer to your FTP client documentation). Otherwise files are likely to get corrupted;

***It is important that you set the type of the archive you compress the dump into, as ZIP.