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Configuration: "Unknown file format" error in DeviceLock Printer Viewer when opening a shadow copy of a printed document


A shadow copy of a printed document (right click on the record in the Shadow Log Viewer -> Open) cannot be opened with"Unknown file format" error in DeviceLock Printer Viewer.


DeviceLock Printer Viewer is able to show you the shadowed printed document in the native print spooler format, send it to the printer again, or save it as a graphic file (such as BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, EMF or TIFF).

The following print spooler formats are supported: PostScript, PCL5, PCL6 (PCL XL), HP-GL/2, GDI printing (ZjStream) and EMF Spooled Files.


1. Change the printing format to the supported one if possible in the "Printer Properties"-> "Advanced" tab-> choose different spooler format from the "Driver" drop box.

2. If printer does not have supported drivers to choose, you can view the shadow copy of printed document by sending this shadow copy directly on the Printer using command:

copy /b file_name PrinterName

Note, if file name or printer name contains spaces, it must be put into quotes, e.g.

copy /b "C:\Users\User1\Desktop\report shadow copy" "\\printserver\HPLaserJet 1320"