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Resolving - "RemoveService error - Access is denied. (5)" error upon DeviceLock local installation or removal on Windows Vista/7 computers


On a computer, running Windows Vista/7 operating system, the "RemoveService error - Access is denied. (5)" error is returned when trying to uninstall DeviceLock through Control Panel's "Programs and Features" or when installing DeviceLock locally via "deviceLock service.msi" package.


The issue is triggered by 'User Account Control' (UAC) feature being set to 'High' or 'Medium' level.

Applies to builds 6.4.1.x.

Resolved in version 7.0.


- Upgrade to the latest version of DeviceLock (7.0 or higher);
- Set UAC flag to 'Disabled' or 'Low' while installing or removing DeviceLock locally;
- Install or remove DeviceLock remotely.