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- NetworkLock: error that was decreasing speed of large files uploads to the Facebook social network;
- NetworkLock: incompatibility with Symantec Endpoint Security 12 that caused inability to send e-mails via SMTP;
- NetworkLock: error that caused BSOD in "srvnet.sys" on Windows 7;
- ContentLock: error that caused duplicate of shadow copies when content rules denied the sending of data to social networks;
- ContentLock: error that caused crash when processing content-aware rules for some EMF files and archives;
- DeviceLock: error with upgrading DeviceLock agents via Group Policy when using customized MSI packages;
- DeviceLock: error in DeviceLock Enterprise Manager that caused inability to deploy service settings to remote computers;
- DeviceLock: error in DeviceLock Enterprise Manager that caused display of the empty audit log for offline computers;
- DeviceLock: compatibility issues with third-party software: Java Virtual Machine, GoToAssist, Active@ KillDisk, CodeWarrior, Kaspersky Administration Kit and Grand-Smeta.


- NetworkLock: support for Windows Live Mail, and webmail services;
- NetworkLock: support for Twitter (added control of uploading images);
- NetworkLock: support for the FTP protocol;
- NetworkLock: support for the Apple Safari browser so that it no longer shows a warning message while connecting to HTTPS resources;
- NetworkLock: support for Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live Messenger and Agent on Windows Server 2008;
- NetworkLock: data shadowing for Instant Messengers;
- DeviceLock: Online/Offline mode detection for "Wired Connectivity" when Apple iPhone/iPad device with enabled Internet Tethering is connected to the local computer;
- DeviceLock: support for the Atheros USB Bluetooth device;
- DeviceLock: audit for Clipboard (no more spare system events are writing to the log);
- Many internal optimizations and improvements in the DeviceLock's agent;
- Many GUI improvements.


- NetworkLock: Added support for new social networks: Google+,,, and;
- NetworkLock: Added support for mobile versions of social networks: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, LiveJournal, Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki;
- NetworkLock: Added support for new webmail services: AOL Mail and Yandex Mail;
- NetworkLock: Added support for mobile versions of webmail services: Yahoo!Mail and;
- NetworkLock: Added proxy support for: HTTP, ICQ, AOL, IRC, Jabber, Agent, SMTP, Web Mail and Social Networks;
- ContentLock: Added new content pattern recognition groups;
- ContentLock: Added new English and Russian content keywords groups;
- DeviceLock: Now Temporary White List has a higher priority than the USB Devices White List;
- DeviceLock: Added new column "Last Successful Scan Time" to the Monitoring view. It displays the date and time of the last successful scan attempt;
- DeviceLock: The "Service Version" column in the Monitoring view now displays the version of DeviceLock Service even for offline computers.