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- Incompatibility issue with the DataLogic QD2100 Barcode Reader caused detection of this barcode reader as a USB keylogger;
- Bug in DeviceLock Service caused allowing printing when access to the USB port and Printer is denied and Access control for USB Printers is disabled;
- Bug in DeviceLock Enterprise Server caused generation of empty reports when the date/time interval is defined;
- Incompatibility issue with the Sierra Wireless modem family;
- Bug in the "Allowed & Denied access requests per device type" report caused displaying an incorrect access count;
- Incompatibility issue with the StarForce protection;
- Bug in DeviceLock Management Console caused inability to create more than 6 custom groups in Content-Aware Rules.


- Processing of Content-Aware Rules for CD/DVD-ROM;
- Reduced the DeviceLock Service CPU and memory usage;
- Improvements in the PS/2 anti-keylogger scrambling routine;
- Many internal improvements related to Content-Aware Rules and file shadowing;
- Many internal improvements in DeviceLock Driver related to compatibility with third-party antivirus and firewall products.