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How to reset NetworkLock permissions after the trial period has expired


After DeviceLock trial period is expired, the NetworkLock permissions become unavailable for any changes in DeviceLock consoles, making it impossible to disable network filter load (DLNetworkParser.exe). This means that the protocols rules made during the trial period, will still be active without any possibility to change them once the trial period is over .


Remove protocols settings manually using the attached script "NLSettingsRemove.js".


NLSettingsRemove.js (4.36 kb)

Run the "NLSettingsRemove.js" script (in the popup windows, confirm all modifications it makes by pressing "OK") to remove NetworkLock permissions from a computer's registry and hence to disable "DLNetworkParser.exe" load.

*"Enable Default Security" option should be enabled in the DeviceLock Administrators settings of DeviceLock Agent running on problem computer.