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Resolved - The "Huawei D24HW" Express Data Card cannot be used after switching a computer to and back from standby mode


The Huawei D24HW card is present in "Port" and "Modem" branches of Windows Device Manager tree, but after switching the computer to and back from standby mode, the card disappears from the system, which makes it impossible to dial-up with EMOBILE HW application. The "Device is not connected or invalid" error is returned.


The problemis related to the 'Winachf0' modem driver, which is common for many notebooks with integrated modems. The COM port used by the modem becomes unresponsive when DeviceLockissues a request to take control of 'Winachsf0' driver.


DisableUsbLowEnum.reg (276 b)

Winachsf0.reg (131 b)

Due to the specificity of the problem, a workaround for this issue cannot be included into DeviceLock code globally.
The below changes should be applied on affected computers only.

Please follow these instructions:

- Enable "Default Security" option in 'DeviceLock Administrators' settings of the problem computer;
- Stop DeviceLock Service with the 'dlservice -e' command (or 'dlservice_x64 -e'for 64-bit operating systems);
- Import the attached REG-keys;
- Reboot.