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Configuration - Resolving "Intel® Server Compute Module MFS5520VI" Remote KVM being blocked by DeviceLock Service


During the remote installation of DeviceLock Service via Remote KVM "Intel® Server Compute Module - MFS5520VI", virtual mouse and keyboard are getting blocked, thus preventing the installation process.


DeviceLock Service while being installed on remote computer detects Remote KVM Module as keylogger, since "Treat any USB hub as keylogger" and "Block keyboard" Anti-keylogger options are Enabled by default.
Resolved in DeviceLock version


1. Upgrade to the latest version of DeviceLock (at least to version or higher);
2. Use the unattended (silent) installation method or a custom-built MSI package (see the appropriate sections of DeviceLock User Manual) to install DeviceLock Service with the options "Treat any USB hub as keylogger" and "Block keyboard" of Anti-keylogger functionality settings Disabled, as a workaround. You can Enable these options later using DeviceLock Management Console or DeviceLock Service Settings File (*.DLS) in DeviceLock Enterprise Manager console.