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Resolved - DataLogic QD2100 Barcode Reader is detected as keylogger


The DataLogic QD2100 Barcode Reader (Human Interface Device device class) is detected as a keylogger, with the appropriate notifications logged into DeviceLock Audit Log, e.g.:
'USB Port Keylogger Detected USB Human Interface Device (USB\VID_xxxx&PID_xxxx\S/N_ZR0022159)'.

The connected USB-keyboard may be locked down as well.

Adding the DataLogic QD2100 Barcode Reader into the 'USB Devices White List' does not make any difference.


Resolved in DeviceLock version


1. Upgrade to the latest version of DeviceLock (at least to version or higher);
2. Or disable the following options of 'Anti-keylogger' functionality as a workaround when an upgrade is not possible:

- "Treat any USB hub as keylogger"
- "Block keyboard".