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Resolved - Wireless bluetooth Logitech 'diNovo' keyboard is detected as a keylogger


When Logitech diNovo bluetooth keyboard is connected, DeviceLock Service detects it as a keylogger with the following notification logged into DeviceLock Audit Log:
'USB port Keylogger Detected Bluetooth USB Controller (ALPS/UGX UGPZ6XC02A) (USB\VID_XXXX&PID_XXXX\5&919F234&0&1)'.

Adding the keyboard into USB Devices White List does not resolve the issue.


Fixed in DeviceLock version


1. It is necessary to upgrade to DeviceLock version or higher in order to resolve the problem.

2.Make sure to disable the following Anti-keylogger options:
- "Treat any USB hub as keylogger"
- "Block keyboard".