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Configuration - Resolving lack of sound on Plantronics .626 DSP (USB) headset when DeviceLock Service is installed and running on a computer


The USB Plantronics .626 DSP headset has no sound on a DeviceLock controlled computer (e.g., after being added to the USB Devices White List).


The issue might be caused by DeviceLock 'Anti-keylogger' functionality that blocks the USB Plantronics .626 DSP headset, recognizing and thus processing it as a keylogger. Resolved in DeviceLock version


1. Upgrade to the latest version of DeviceLock (at least to version;
2. If it is not possible to use the above or higher version, then try to disable the "Treat any USB Hub as a Keylogger" option in DeviceLock Service -> Anti-keylogger settings.

*In order to diagnose the issue, check your local Audit Log Viewer for "Keylogger detected" messages;
** The "Notify User" option must be enabled in DeviceLock Service -> Anti-keylogger settings.