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Configuration - Resolving Zero Length Files in DeviceLock Shadow Log


Shadow Log Viewer, as well as DLStore folder contain shadowed files of their actual size, however the files are of zero length when saved from Shadow Log Viewer.


The problem indicates that DeviceLock Enterprise Server cannot find the path to the source file, thus creating an empty file instead.


1. If there are several DeviceLock Enterprise Servers in your network with their own storage directories and with one common database, make sure that you are connected to the right DeviceLock Enterprise Server (the one that has downloaded the necessary file from a client (an instance of DeviceLock Enterprise Server does not have access to storage directories of other instances of DeviceLock Enterprise Server).

2. In case DeviceLock Enterprise Server was reinstalled before the problem appeared, do the following:

- Stop DeviceLock Enterprise Server's service (DLServer.exe);
- Make sure the shadow data is located in the same directory as in previous DeviceLock Enterprise Server installation (the current path to the storage folder e.g. "C:\DLStore" is the same as before), if not, move it to the old location where it had been before the new installation;
- Use SQL Management Studio to find 'ServerGUID' parameter of the previously installed DeviceLock Enterprise Server in DeviceLock database ('DLServers' table);
- Modify it by the following scheme:

e.g. for
binaryrepresentation will be
E6 A9 D4 67 22 4E 8A 45 B2 1E EA F5 ED 73 0A AE

- Replace your current DL Server 'ServerGUID' parameter with the binary value in the registry
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\SmartLine Vision\DeviceLockEnterpriseServer] ([HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\SmartLine Vision\DeviceLockEnterpriseServer] on 64-bit OS);
- Start DeviceLock Enterprise Server service (DLServer.exe).