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How to configure data exchange between several DeviceLock Enterprise Servers, so that one of them could have access to data collected by the other


This article describes configuration parameters that must be set in orderto view Audit and Shadow data collected by one of several DeviceLock Enterprise Servers without connecting to the DeviceLock Enterprise Server that initially gathered the data.


There are two easy steps to organize data exchange between DeviceLock Enterprise Servers:

1. Configure all DeviceLock Enterprise Servers to use one common SQL DataBase, e.g. DeviceLockDB;
2. Make sure the 'Store Path' parameter is the same for all used DeviceLock Enterprise Servers (it can be either a network shared folder, or NAS).

Note, that if a shared folder is located on one of DeviceLock Enterprise Servers' computers locally, its path must also be written in UNC just like for other remote DeviceLock Enterprise Servers. E.g., "\\Server1\DLStore\", not "D:\DLStore".

* The following note assumes some basic knowledge of MS SQL Server.

If by some reasons DeviceLock Enterprise Servers have different 'StorePath' parameters- change them to the right one in:

i) DeviceLock Management Console -> Server Options;
ii) DeviceLock database using SQL Management Studio ('DLStoreUrl' table> 'URL' column), or execute the below script:

UPDATE [DevicelockDB].[dbo].[DLStoreUrl] SET [Url]=cast(replace(cast([Url] as nvarchar(max)),'\\OLD_LOCATION\TO_REPLACE','\\NEW_LOCATION\TO_REPLACE_WITH') as ntext)

*Where 'DeviceLockDB' is the name of your existing DL database;