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Resolved - Endpoint Performance while Shadowing


DeviceLock Service affects computer performance when installed and running. The symptoms include:

- Starting/closing applications takes much time;
- HDD is being used constantly (hard disk indicator blinks continuously);
- System freezes.


This problem may indicate the effects of the shadowing process. Typically, right after copying large amounts of data.


excluded.reg (382 b)

1. Disable shadowing;
2. Relocate, or delete the local folder 'SHADOW'*;
3. Disable BitLocker To Go integration in Service Option -> Encryption;
4. Stop DeviceLock Service (execute 'dlservice -e' command), import the attached registry file, start DeviceLock Service (execute 'dlservice.exe -s' command).

* To do this, one must become an owner of the folder: Enable 'Default Security' flag in 'DeviceLock Administrators' dialog window-> right click the 'SHADOW' folder, then click Properties...-> Security tab-> Owner tab.