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DeviceLock Group Policy Manager snap-in does not appear in Group Policy Editor on 64-bit operating systems


DeviceLock group policy extension does not appear in Group Policy Management/Object Editor making it impossible to deploy DeviceLock settings to DeviceLock-controlled computers via group policy.


The issue indicates that the version of DeviceLock does not have support for x64 consoles. Therefore the configuration snap-ins should be run in x32 bit mode.


Screenshots.pdf (339.62 kb)

1. Use the following command to open Management Console in x32 emulation mode: mmc /32;
2. Press "File"=> Add/Remove Snap-in...;
3. In the "Available Snap-ins" list select Group Policy Management Editor (or Group Policy Object Editor for XP/Win2003) -> press "Add" button;
4.Browse for the group policy object you would like to edit in the "Select Group Policy Object" window;
5. Press OK;
6. Expand Computer Configuration-> Policies

*'Screenshots.pdf' document contains the illustrative captures of the process.

Note: it is important to add exactly Group Policy Management/Object Editor. Otherwise if you add Group Policy Management Editor snap-in and choose to edit policy from its window the opened GP Management/Object Editor will be of x64 version and DeviceLock extension will be unavailable.