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‘The request is not supported (50)’ error when scanning a computer with ‘Report PnP Devices’ plug-in of DeviceLock Enterprise Manager


In DeviceLock Enterprise Manager, ‘Report PnP Devices’ plug-in fails to scan selected computers with ‘the request is not supported (50)’ error .


The error may either indicate that ‘Remotó Registry Service’ is not started, or that remote access to PnP interface is not allowed on the target computer (for Windows Vista/Server 2008/7 operating systems).


1. Connect to the problem machine using Computer Management utility, open the “Services” section and make sure that the Remote Registry Service is started and its startup type is set to “Automatic”;

2. In order to retrieve PnP devices from Windows Vista/Server 2008 computers, you should allow remote access to the PnP interface on those computers. You can do it via modifying the policy as described in this article: