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Configuration - Resolving USB Device Malfunction when Full Control / White List Configured for All Users


USB devices are not accessible even if ‘Full control’ for USB Port is configured for all users / devices are white listed for all users.


The issue may indicate that when anti-keylogger functionality is active, DeviceLock may treat some devices as keyloggers, when they are actually not, and block access to them.


1. Start DeviceLock Management Console, connect to the problem computer, and enter ‘Service Options’-> ‘Anti-keylogger’;
2. Set  'Log Event' and 'Notify User' parameters to ‘Enabled’;
3. Reconnect the USB device;
4. Check Audit Log Viewer of the computer for records like "Keylogger Detected    USB Input Device (USB\VID_XXXX&PID_XXXX\........)";
5. If you find the records, disable 'Block Keyboard' and 'Treat any USB hub as keylogger' options in  ‘Service Options’ -> ‘Anti-keylogger’.