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How to set up a firewall for DeviceLock components to communicate


This article contains the list of ports to be opened on the firewall for DeviceLock components to communicate.


You can instruct DeviceLock to use a fixed port, making it easier to configure a firewall. However there are other ports that may be used for communication with DeviceLock Service and need to be opened.


You need to open 135-139 ports and fixed port specified for DeviceLock Service (by default 9132):
Port 135 (TCP) - for Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Service;
Port 137 (UDP) - for NetBIOS Name Service;
Port 138 (UDP) - for NetBIOS Netlogon and Browsing;
Port 139 (TCP) - for NetBIOS session (NET USE);
Port assigned for DeviceLock Services (by default 9132) for RPC Communication.