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DeviceLock Technical Support

How to Work with DeviceLock Support:

Before requesting customer support, please follow these simple steps:

If you still have questions, comments or bug reports, please use our online helpdesk. The helpdesk automatically logs your support requests and assigns a unique identifier. Our support specialists will process your requests as soon as possible.

Send Support Request (please write in English only!)

To consult with our support specialists through the helpdesk, you need to be authorized. If you are not registered yet, you will be asked to complete a short registration form. Once you submit this form, you are authorized. There is no need to wait to receive an e-mail confirmation. Once you are authorized, you can send your support request to our technical support specialists.

You can also contact our technical support team at: +1-925-231-0042. Phone support hours are Monday to Friday, 8am - 5pm PT.

Please be prepared to provide the following info:

  • Product's name
  • Product's version (see the "About" dialog)
  • Product's serial number (if you're a registered user)
  • Windows version (including service packs and other installed fixes or patches), US or International
  • Your computer information: CPU type and speed, installed memory
  • Description of the problem (as much detail as possible so we can duplicate the problem)
  • For configuration issues, please provide a Report Permissions / Auditing scan and a PnP Audit report scan of the affected endpoint PC from the DeviceLock Enterprise Manager Console. (Instructions)