Complete context and content-aware solution for device and port control, integrated with Microsoft Active Directory Group Policy (MMC). Includes DeviceLock core module for setting and enforcing policies for the use of endpoint-attached devices and ports like: USB drives, CD/DVD ROM, Bluetooth, FireWire, floppies, Compact flash and SD-RAM, printers, serial, parallel and the clipboard. Includes the ability to recognize and block keystroke loggers. Also includes the NetworkLock module to set and enforce policy for data transfers from the endpoint via email, webmail, IM, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumbler, HTTP, FTP, Telnet and others. Includes ContentLock module which provides the ability to set and enforce policy for transfer from the endpoint to removable media and network protocols based on inspection of the content of the file or session in question. Comes with thousands of filtering templates (RegEx, keyword, file-type, document properties) and can recognize credit card numbers, social security numbers, bank account numbers, etc. Also allows user to create custom filtering rules using RegEx, Boolean logic and numeric thresholds.

Pricing is PER ENDPOINT license with a minimum quantity of five (5) endpoint licenses. (Endpoints are laptops, desktops or servers running Windows.)