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SmartLine Inc Releases Encryption-Integrated DeviceLock

SmartLine Inc maintains its winning formula for leadership in removable device security software with the release of DeviceLock 6.2 that offers Integrated Enforcement of top-tier Endpoint Device Control Encryption, Windows Mobile« Device Synchronization Control, and Complete Prevention of Hardware keyloggers.

SAN RAMON, CA - SmartLine Inc announced the general availability of DeviceLock« 6.2, end-point security software that prevents employees from using their corporate and personal computing resources to siphon off valued information beyond the scope of their jobs and outside the guidelines of IT security policy. Now in combination with third-party products from leading encryption vendors, DeviceLock enables enterprises to ensure that only removable storage devices with approved encryption can be accessed on corporate computers, thus preventing malicious or negligent leakage of sensitive corporate information to unencrypted or otherwise unapproved media. In addition, DeviceLock 6.2 provides numerous management console improvements, expands keylogger protection to the PS/2 port, and delivers the ability to centrally control which types of data that end users can synchronize between their Windows Mobile-based PDA devices and corporate computers.

For enterprises standardized on software and hardware-based encryption solutions like PGP« Whole Disk Encryption and Lexar« SAFE PSD S1100 USB drives, DeviceLock 6.2 allows administrators to centrally define and remotely control the encryption policies their employees must follow when using removable devices for storing and retrieving corporate data. For example, certain employees or their groups can be allowed to write to and read from only specifically encrypted USB flash drives, while other users of the corporate network can be permitted to "read only" from non-encrypted removable storage devices but not write to them.

"DeviceLock's 6.2 release is another solid demonstration of SmartLine's ability to respond to customer demands in the most efficient wayö, said Ashot Oganesyan, SmartLine's Founder and CTO. "Instead of rushing to the market with one more "home-made" encryption package, we have chosen integration with industry-leading cryptographic products, and ľ as a result ľ delivered a fundamentally more reliable crypto-intelligent device control solution to our customers while simultaneously preserving their investments in enterprise-class encryption platforms".

Another high-demand security feature set delivered in DeviceLock 6.2 is granular access control, auditing, and shadowing of Windows Mobile« PDA and smartphones communications with PCs that use the Microsoft ActiveSync« protocol through any local ports and connection interfaces that include USB, COM, IrDA, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. With ActiveSync control, corporate security administrators can centrally and flexibly define which types of data that specified users and/or groups are allowed to synchronize between corporate PCs and their Windows Mobile« personal devices. These data types would include files, pictures, calendars, emails, tasks, notes, and other ActiveSync protocol objects. In addition, administrators can perform auditing and shadowing of files and other data copied between PCs and Windows Mobile PDA devices.

DeviceLock's new PS/2 keylogger prevention works by obfuscating the PS/2 keyboard's input, thus forcing keyloggers to record a huge amount of useless "noise" data while hiding real keystrokes.

Featuring a comprehensive central management platform fully integrated with Microsoft Active Directory« and Group Policy, DeviceLock enables security administrators to precisely control, shadow-copy, log, and analyze end-user access to all types of devices and local ports on their Windows computers, as well as automatically disrupting operations of any hardware keyloggers. DeviceLock proactively protects against data leakage and malware infiltration via the local ports of distributed computers, thus significantly reducing business risks and costs associated with malicious actions, errors, or negligence by insiders or others with physical computer access.

System requirements: DeviceLock requires Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows Server 2003, 64 MB RAM, a hard drive with 4 MB of hard disk space.

About the Company: SmartLine Inc (www.devicelock.com), established in 1996, develops well-integrated and cost-effective network management software solutions. SmartLine's many customers include major technology stakeholders, large US and international financial companies, telecommunications conglomerates, government agencies, classified military networks, and educational institutions.


Press kit is available at: www.devicelock.com/press_kit.html

Download Evaluation Copy of DeviceLock from: www.devicelock.com/download/devicelock.zip

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