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Major Russian Retail Bank Uses DeviceLock® To Protect Endpoints

Moscow, Russia – May 21, 2008 – DeviceLock, Inc., a worldwide leader in endpoint device control security, today announced that its DeviceLock® software has been selected as the endpoint device control platform of choice by VTB 24, one of Russian largest retail banks. DeviceLock® 6.3 has been deployed across the bank’s network to protect their employees’ computers from data leaks and uncontrolled use of locally connected devices.

In today’s resurgent Russian market, Bank VTB24 (www.vtb24.ru) is one of the country’s largest and fastest growing banks. Part of the international VTB Bank Group, VTB24 provides a full range of retail bank products and services to individuals and small businesses. To attract and retain market share among Russia’s growing class of affluent and upper middle class banking customers, VTB24 is staking its reputation on innovation and customer service. Over the last few years, it has been steadily improving customer convenience, privacy protection, and reliability – setting the bar high in each area for the entire financial services sector. Key to this strategy is careful investment in IT security systems and business continuity. After thorough research in the field of endpoint information security, VTB24 selected DeviceLock® software as its endpoint data leakage prevention platform.

VTB24’s IT infrastructure is a distributed heterogeneous system that includes Microsoft Windows, as well as UNIX and Novell network operating systems. DeviceLock® now protects servers and employee computers across the entire IT infrastructure, whether located at one of VTB’s large metropolitan corporate offices or at any of the many branch customer service centers throughout Russia. VTB24’s goal is to open more than 500 branches by the end of 2008 in order to have operations in all Russian cities with population exceeding 150,000 people.

To keep its IT security posture at the highest level of alertness, Bank VTB24 takes an integrated, holistic approach to managing the entire life-cycle of its IT systems. Risks associated with potential information security incidents are mitigated by employing best-of-breed solutions from different IT security vendors for everything from anti-virus protection to PKI encryption and now to data leakage prevention with DeviceLock®. An annual general audit conducted by external audit firms includes an information security audit and assessment of the IT system. The information security audit is carried out in strict compliance with the recommendations of the Bank of Russia’s Information Security Standard approved in January 2006.

Today, with the proliferation of high-capacity removable storage devices, there is a much greater threat of information leaks from the bank’s IT system as well as its infiltration by destructive malware elements. We’ve determined that DeviceLock is the software product that can most effectively help us to fight such threats. It’s been on the market for almost a decade, building a rich feature set that has been field proven by other financial service customers around the world. In fact, we’ve used a previous version of DeviceLock and found it a highly functional and reliable product. DeviceLock provides flexible control over a computer’s local ports and devices, thus addressing one of our most significant information security problems,” commented Anatoly Bragin, Chief of VTB24 Information Security Department.

Earlier, any unauthorized local connection of external devices to computers was blocked by either physically switching off some of the device interfaces or disabling them at the BIOS level. The bank’s IT staff realized that this approach was becoming impossible to implement and manage and that the situation would only get worse given VTB24’s rapid growth plans. The number of computers in the bank’s network was quickly escalating and the network itself was being distributed over several more geographical locations. Meanwhile, the number of peripheral devices employees were attempting to connect to the network was growing geometrically, particularly USB-connected devices. There were simply too many ways employees could uncontrollably connect devices locally to computer endpoints spread across the network thus creating potential channels for data leakage - from USB flash drives to printers, scanners, web cameras, etc. After the deployment of DeviceLock®, the problem was solved.

Installing DeviceLock was simple. The administrators of the IT Security Department were pleased with the results of the DeviceLock software deployment. The deployment did not impact the Bank’s existing information security policy. Once deployed, DeviceLock enabled strict enforcement of device-related policy and easy audit of the rules defined in the policy. It has optimized our device management processes,” emphasized Bragin.

Featuring a comprehensive central management natively integrated with Microsoft Active Directory and Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/2008/Vista support, DeviceLock® 6.3 enables to precisely control, log, shadow-copy, and audit end-user access to any type of computer’s ports and peripheral devices including – uniquely – presence detection and access control to local, network and virtual printers, as well as Windows Mobile® and Palm® based personal mobile devices. In addition, DeviceLock® blocks operations of USB and PS/2 hardware keyloggers. To protect data on removable storage devices DeviceLock® integrates with leading encryption products from PGP, Lexar, and TrueCrypt.

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