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DeviceLock receives U.S. patents for its local sync control technology

DeviceLock, Inc., an international leader in endpoint data leak prevention solutions, today announced that it has been granted two patents by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for its local synchronisation filtering technology. This technology allows businesses to control the transfer of data between endpoint computers and locally connected mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and PDAs, including Windows Mobile, Palm, iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad devices.

Developed by DeviceLock and used in its software suite since 2007, this technology allows security administrators to centrally manage which types of data users can synchronise between corporate PCs and their mobile devices. DeviceLock can recognise and filter numerous data object types for iTunes, ActiveSync, WMDC and HotSync protocols, letting administrators selectively allow or block synchronisation of files, emails, email attachments and accounts, contacts, tasks, notes, calendar items, bookmarks, and various media types. Using DeviceLock it is possible to detect the presence of any mobile device regardless of which local interface it is connected to. In addition, administrators can centrally block or allow the installation and execution of applications on Windows mobile devices. On top of all this, detailed centralised logging, shadowing, reviewing and reporting of all types of data copied between PCs and mobile devices is supported.

Protected by US patents US7,899,779 and US7,899,782, DeviceLocks local sync control technology significantly increases the level of corporate endpoint protection against data leaks. These can be caused by employees connecting personal smartphones or tablets to their office computers through a local interface and by mistake or negligence copying sensitive corporate information to their mobile device.

Not only does the fact that DeviceLock has been granted US patents confirm its technology leadership in one of the most critical components of endpoint DLP solutions, but what is equally important is that it prevents illegal replications of this unique technology in competing products, emphasised Ashot Oganesyan, DeviceLock CTO and Founder. The flexible control over local synchronisations that the patented technology delivers exclusively to DeviceLock customers helps them better protect corporate endpoints from otherwise unavoidable data leaks. The cost and damage of these leaks can be massive and sometimes global as the Wikileaks example has vividly demonstrated.

For more information on the recently launched DeviceLock 7.0 Endpoint DLP Suite, which takes advantage of the patented local sync control technology, please visit http://www.devicelock.com/dl/index.htm.