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DeviceLock Offers Replacement Program for End of Life DLP Suites

DeviceLock, Inc., a worldwide leader in endpoint Data Leak Prevention (DLP) software, announces the launch of a product replacement program for customers of DLP products from end-of-life endpoint DLP offerings from third-party vendors.

This new program makes it extremely easy and affordable for organizations currently using these now unsupported products to remain compliant with their internal and external data security policies by replacing them with DeviceLocks fully supported and multi-award winning suite of DLP products.

DeviceLock has been providing the industrys most trusted endpoint DLP solutions since 1996, and offers endpoint control and data leak prevention software to some of the worlds most security intensive environments including healthcare organizations, government agencies, defense contractors, pharmaceutical companies, academic institutions, financial firms, and research centers in over 100 countries.

For a limited time, DeviceLock is offering licensed customers of other end-of-life endpoint DLP solutions a chance to replace these unsupported products with equivalent DeviceLock DLP modules at a significantly reduced cost. This program treats these customers as if they were DeviceLocks own recurring clients, and offers them a 1-to-1 license replacement of their now unsupported software with our fully supported products that have been trusted by thousands of organizations over the span of 20 years.

We are very concerned with the security and budget implications that organizations now face because of the loss of several DLP software vendors over the past few years, says Vladimir Chernavsky, VP of North American Operations for DeviceLock, Inc. Our program has been designed to ease the pain for organizations that are now facing significant security issues from running unsupported DLP software. DeviceLock software has achieved 20 years of market leadership and continuous development, and those facts alone should provide comfort to these abandoned customers of other solutions whose run was cut well short.

For more information on this unique product replacement program, please contact DeviceLock at 925-231-4400 or email dlp-swap (at) devicelock.com and talk to one of our endpoint security specialists.

About DeviceLock, Inc.

Established in 1996, DeviceLock, Inc. provides device control and endpoint data leak prevention software solutions to businesses of all sizes and industries. Protecting more than 7 million computers in more than 70,000 organizations worldwide, DeviceLock, Inc. has a vast range of corporate customers including financial institutions, state and federal government agencies, classified military networks, healthcare providers, telecommunications companies, and educational institutions. Based in San Ramon, California, DeviceLock, Inc. is an international organization with offices in Vancouver, London, Düsseldorf, Moscow and Milan.