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DeviceLock, Inc. launches U.S. operations to better serve North American customers seeking data leakage prevention and audit at network edges

San Ramon, Calif.– March 10, 2007 – DeviceLock, Inc., formerly SmartLine Inc, today announced its official integration in the U.S., opening a full-service headquarters with sales, customer support and administrative offices in San Ramon, Calif., to serve customers of its category-leading endpoint device control security software. Already over a decade in the U.S. market, DeviceLock’s North American customers include major technology system integration consulting firms, some of the largest U.S. and international banks, telecommunications conglomerates, and many government networks and educational institutions. The move to incorporate in the U.S. is made in response to the great growth potential of the data leakage prevention (DLP) category due to regulatory compliance pressures on U.S. enterprises.

DeviceLock is end-point security software that prevents employees from using their corporate and personal computing resources to siphon off valued information beyond the scope of their jobs and outside the guidelines of IT security policy. Featuring a comprehensive central management platform fully integrated with Microsoft Active Directory®, DeviceLock enables security administrators to precisely control, online monitor, shadow-copy, log, and analyze end-user access to all types of devices and local ports on their personal computers, as well as automatically block operations of hardware keyloggers. DeviceLock proactively protects against data leakage and corporate network infiltration by malware via the local ports of distributed computers, thus significantly reducing business risks resulting from insider malicious actions, errors or negligence.

"DeviceLock allows customers to control the authorization and use of the multitude of devices out there," comments Ashot Oganesyan, chief technology officer of DeviceLock, Inc. "With data leakage prevention surging to the forefront of endpoint security challenges, we’re well poised for growth as the market takes off. DeviceLock’s first customers were in North America, and this market continues to drive much of our development effort."

Gartner analysts estimated the value of the worldwide data leakage prevention market at the end of 2007 to be worth from $120 million to $150 million - a double to triple gain over 2006. This pace is expected to continue over the next few years. DeviceLock participates in the most promising area for stand-alone DLP because its access control and audit management capabilities cover all the data types including mobile protocols. It is a preventive counterpart to ‘detective’ DLP measures, such as email content filtering agents. Moreover, its centralized management and policy control is so tightly integrated with the Windows operating system, it is easy to implement and use across a large enterprise.

DeviceLock works in combination with third-party products from leading encryption vendors, such as PGP Corp. and Lexar, as well as TrueCrypt freeware. This allows enterprises to sanction only removable storage devices with approved encryption.

Another of DeviceLock’s high-demand security features is granular access control, auditing, and shadowing of Windows Mobile® PDA and smartphone communications with PCs that use the Microsoft ActiveSync® and Windows Mobile Device Control (WMDC) protocols through any local ports and connection interfaces that include USB, COM, IrDA, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. With local synchronization data exchange control, corporate security administrators can centrally and flexibly define which types of data that specified users and/or groups are allowed to synchronize between corporate PCs and their Windows Mobile® personal devices. Managed data types include files, pictures, calendars, emails, tasks, notes, and other local sync protocol objects. In addition, administrators can perform auditing and shadowing of files and other data copied between PCs and Windows Mobile PDA devices.

About DeviceLock, Inc.DeviceLock, Inc., is a worldwide leader in endpoint device control security for organizations that rely on Microsoft technologies. DeviceLock software is currently installed on more than 3 million computers in more than 55,000 organizations around the world including corporate customers from financial institutions, telecommunications companies, state and federal government agencies, classified military networks, and educational institutions. DeviceLock, Inc., is an international organization with offices in San Ramon (California, US), London (UK), Ratingen (Germany), Moscow (Russia) and Milan (Italy).


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