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DeviceLock Endpoint Security Software Now Controls Local Printing and Filters Syncs To Palm Devices

DeviceLock 6.3 is the first endpoint device control security solution to control and audit user access to computer-connected printers and Palm OS local synchronizations.

London, UK – April 21, 2008 – DeviceLock, Inc., a worldwide leader in endpoint device control security, today announced the release of its DeviceLock® software version 6.3, which offers granular, centrally managed end-user access control, auditing and shadowing of local, network and virtual printers. It’s the first solution in its class to give security administrators control over local synchronization exchanges between corporate computers and Palm® OS-based smartphones and PDAs.

As more and more sensitive corporate data are stored and processed on employee’s desktops and laptops, the threat of insiders compromising corporate IT security is increasing. End users are often exploiting the local communications of distributed computers to leak valuable corporate information due to their negligence, errors, or malicious intent. Consequently, organizations are suffering greater business risks and losses when they do not set and enforce policies regarding how employees behave at their computers. Printers connected to end user computers, as well as personal mobile devices in the local synchronization mode are among the data channels requiring tight control.

"Printing from corporate computers can not be overlooked as another threatening air-hole for information leakage open to insiders and beyond the reach of any other internal security solution," explains Ashot Oganesyan, DeviceLock’s Founder and Chief Technology Officer. "DeviceLock 6.3 is the first product on the market that puts local printing under the strict control of corporate security administration. DeviceLock customers can now define and enforce who is allowed to print, when and where to, as well as trace and audit what has been printed. Printer access permissions can be set with a high level of granularity, equal to the precision possible for all other ports and devices protected by DeviceLock."

DeviceLock 6.3 allows security administrators to centrally define permissions-based control and audit of user access to any local, network, and virtual printers regardless of how they connect to the PC, including any non-USB connections. Printing events are logged, centrally collected, stored into a database, and audited. In addition, full copies of any printed documents can be shadowed for centralized reviewing in a built-in graphical viewer.

Featuring a patent-pending local sync filtering technology, DeviceLock 6.3 also delivers to security administrators the ability to centrally and granularly define which types of data the specified users or groups are allowed to synchronize between corporate PCs and their personal Palm devices. These data types include files, pictures, calendars, emails, tasks, notes, and other sync protocol objects. Using DeviceLock it is possible to detect the presence of any mobile device regardless of which local interface it is connected to. In addition, an administrator can centrally block or allow the installation and execution of applications on corporate mobile devices. On top of all this, DeviceLock supports detailed centralized logging, shadowing, reviewing and reporting of all types of data copied between PCs and mobile devices.

"As more and more users connect their own personal mobile devices to corporate networks, local sync communications is one of the most threatening and poorly controlled channels of corporate data leakage," said Scott Crawford, research director with Enterprise Management Associates. "Building granular object-based filtering on top of device/port access controls that use network application protocols results in solid, multi-layer protection from data leakage and corporate network infiltration by malware via the local ports of distributed computers," adds Crawford.

Featuring flexible centralized management natively integrated with Microsoft Active Directory® and extensive Windows platform support including Windows Vista® and Windows Server® 2008, DeviceLock enables security administrators to precisely control, online monitor, shadow-copy, log, and analyze end-user access to any type of peripheral devices and local ports on corporate computers, as well as automatically block operations of USB and PS/2 hardware keyloggers. To protect corporate data on removable storage devices DeviceLock integrates with leading encryption products from PGP, Lexar, and TrueCrypt.

About DeviceLock, Inc.

Since its inception in 1996 as SmartLine, DeviceLock, Inc. has been providing endpoint device control software solutions to businesses of all sizes and industries. Protecting more than 3 million computers in over 55,000 organizations worldwide, DeviceLock has a vast range of corporate customers including financial institutions, state and federal government agencies, classified military networks, healthcare providers, telecommunications companies, and educational institutions. DeviceLock, Inc. is an international organization with offices in San Ramon (California, US), London (UK), Ratingen (Germany), Moscow (Russia) and Milan (Italy).


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