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DeviceLock DLP Alliance Program Being Embraced by Resellers Worldwide

DeviceLock, Inc., a worldwide leader in endpoint data leak prevention (DLP) software, today announced the DeviceLock DLP Alliance program. The DLP Alliance program promises to build a worldwide channel of security-specialized value added resellers (VARs) that are capable of delivering expert data leak prevention planning, deployment and management services.

The core technology enabling these services is DeviceLock’s Endpoint DLP Suite, which allows end-customers to set and enforce comprehensive DLP policies through a very simple, straightforward software tool-set that integrates seamlessly with the Microsoft Active Directory Group Policy Management Console (GPMC).

Having piloted the program for several months, DeviceLock has already signed over 20 new IT security VARs as DLP Alliance Partners. A key element of DeviceLock’s DLP Alliance Program is deal registration, which provides very generous margins to authorized partners who register opportunities with the company.

By focusing our efforts on regional, boutique, security-specialized VARs, we believe we can offer our end-user customers a much better experience,” said Vince Schiavo, chief executive officer, DeviceLock. “Rather than serving up a smorgasbord of products, none of which the VAR knows very much about, our VARs become very familiar with DeviceLock’s offerings and can thereby differentiate themselves from the more mass-market resellers. In addition, we provide our VARs with a very generous reseller discount for deals they register with us beforehand. This gives the VAR a much better chance of actually closing the business that they cause to come about.

Nothing alienates a VAR quicker than working for several months to develop a deal only to lose it at the finish line to another reseller who swoops in and discounts wildly. By registering their deals with DeviceLock, our VARs ensure that they secure a much higher level of discount than non-registered resellers, thereby dramatically reducing the likelihood of losing a deal on price,” continued Schiavo.

DeviceLock’s increased focus on channel development is quite timely, since the exponential growth in personally-owned mobile devices in the workplace is creating significant security risks for companies in all industries and of all sizes. This is driving a great deal of interest in solutions that can enable today’s “bring your own device” environment in a secure and reliable way amongst VAR customers. DeviceLock knows that customers will reach out to their trusted security VARs for advice on tricky security issues and recommended remedies.

DeviceLock’s tight integration with Microsoft’s Active Directory Group Policy appeals to our customers,” said Ray Sprong, president, ITAT Partners. “Because they can easily deploy the product as a seamlessly integrated Group Policy Management Console Snap-In, they don’t have to spend big bucks and months of time training specialized staff and revamping their user database schema. This means we can provide much more valuable services helping our customers design their data leak prevention policies, rather than spending all of our time just trying to get the vendor’s software up and running for the customer.

Most DLP solutions are over-kill and way too expensive and complicated for a lot of the companies we work with,” said Werner Schmidt, president of Altaware, Inc. “We signed up with DeviceLock because we can finally deliver one proven DLP solution to any sized organization.

Most of our customers use Microsoft Active Directory for network user administration, security authentication, and authorization controls,” said Larry Griesgraber, owner of Secure Gateway, LLC. “This makes DeviceLock's DLP solution extremely easy to sell and install.

For more information on the DeviceLock DLP Alliance program and the DeviceLock Endpoint DLP Suite, please visit www.devicelock.com.

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