Enterprise Data Loss Prevention & Device Control

An Easy-to-Use Security Solution Gives You the Way to Control WiFi, Bluetooth, USB and FireWire Devices

SmartLine Inc has released DeviceLock, a powerful tool that will let you restrict access to local devices running Windows NT/2000/XP and Windows Server 2003.

Preventing the introduction of inappropriate software and data is important when trying to protect and administer a company's computer network. Almost 80% of security breaches come from the inside and hence it is imperative to control who has access to external media drives. The traditional solution has been a physical lock on the floppy drive. DeviceLock eliminates the need for physical locks and has a number of advantages. There are no physical keys to store and manage - only a software solution.

DeviceLock significantly reduces the total cost of network management in enterprise environments by enabling IT personnel to control user access to floppy drives, other removable media, CD-ROM drives, tape devices, Bluetooth adapters, or USB, FireWire, infrared, serial and parallel ports. Any types of the file systems are supported.

DeviceLock can protect network and local computers against viruses, trojans and other malicious programs often injected from removable disks. DeviceLock protects disks from accidental or intentional formatting.

DeviceLock even supports remote installs, enabling a Systems Administrator to set up a service on remote machines without ever having to physically go to them.

System requirements: DeviceLock requires Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows Server 2003, 32 MB RAM, a hard drive with 2 MB of hard disk space.

About the Company: SmartLine Inc (www.devicelock.com), established in 1996, develops well-integrated and cost-effective network management software solutions. SmartLine's many customers include major technology stakeholders, large US and international financial companies, telecommunications conglomerates, government agencies, classified military networks, and educational institutions.


Press kit is available at: www.devicelock.com/press_kit.html

Download Evaluation Copy of DeviceLock from: www.devicelock.com/download/devicelock.zip

Program Information URL: www.devicelock.com/dl/