Enterprise Data Loss Prevention & Device Control

DeviceLock Technology Partners

Partnership with SecurStar enables DeviceLock to extend its endpoint data leak prevention capabilities through the integration with SecurStar’s removable media encryption software. SecurStar, a leader in encryption technology provides enterprise full disk (fde), and mobile media encryption. The integrated solution seamlessly coordinates device/port access control with the ability to prevent data leaks from removable media while enabling their safe use in organization’s business processes by encrypting any data copied to peripheral memory-enabled devices.

SanDisk® Enterprise Solutions Technology Alliance (SESTA) supports compatibility testing of ISV (independent software vendor) products with SanDisk’s secure portable solutions and the development of strategic and technology alliances with SanDisk. DeviceLock’s membership in the SanDisk® Enterprise Solutions Technology Alliance ensures the full compatibility of DeviceLock® software product suite with SanDisk's Cruzer® Enterprise secure USB drive.

Through our alignment with Intel, we gain advanced insight into innovative technologies and industry trends. Combining this insight with access to a robust portfolio of Intel technical and business resources enables us to offer you solutions designed to take full advantage of the latest computing technologies.

IronKey is the global leader in providing secure and managed portable storage, authentication, and trusted virtual computing solutions for mobile workers. IronKey multifunction portable security devices, management software and associated services are designed to meet the security, performance, and privacy standards of the most demanding enterprise and government customers. IronKey solutions range from IronKey Basic, the world’s most secure USB flash drive, to the IronKey Enterprise Virtual Desktop solution for carrying a secure operating system and virtual desktop environment on a pocket-sized device. IronKey works with industry leaders in virtualization, storage and security, including Lockheed Martin, McAfee, MokaFive, RSA, RingCube and VeriSign to extend the applications of its secure mobile computing platform. IronKey products are FIPS 140-2, Level 3 validated. Thousands of customers use IronKey, including Fortune 500 companies, enterprise organizations in financial services, healthcare and legal markets, as well as government agencies, including FEMA, NATO and DHS.

LOK-IT Secure Flash Drive™, from Systematic Development Group, truly balances security, usability, and cost. LOK-IT uniquely features hardware authentication, hardware encryption and complete platform independence.

SentryBay’s Data Protection Suite comprises the market-leading EntryProtect and PhishLock solutions. These solutions neutralize two of the greatest threats to endpoint users of the internet: key logging and phishing. SentryBay’s Data Protection Suite adds an important layer of real-time protection to a company’s security infrastructure, augmenting endpoint anti-virus and DeviceLock’s DLP solution to provide protection against all spyware and phishing threats. It protects every keystroke entered by the user in real-time, preventing data/identity theft, thus preventing corporate and data breaches. It is "trained" on all the major brands targeted by phishing attacks enabling it to protect against even brand new phishing attacks. Also helps companies with PCI, ISO and Red Flag compliance requirements.

Oculis Labs PrivateEye Enterprise software secures the last two feet of the Internet – the distance from the computer screen to the user’s eyes. Computer displays are an unprotected frontier, displaying personal, proprietary, and regulated information. Oculis Labs helps mobile Consumers, Enterprise and Government customers protect those digital assets in the real world. In contrast to screen savers and plastic filters, our products actively protect information against exposure and produce a positive audit trail showing proof-of-compliance. Supported by an investment from In-Q-Tel, the company has strong relationships with the government community as well as partnerships with leading companies like DeviceLock. When combined with DeviceLock’s Endpoint Data Leak Prevention products, PrivateEye Enterprise ensures your valuable proprietary information remains in your control at all times.

Giesecke & Devrient Secure Flash Solutions (G&D SFS) was founded in September 2009 as a joint venture between Giesecke & Devrient (G&D), the international banknote and smart card specialists, and Phison Electronics Corp, the market leader in USB drive and memory card controllers. The company combines the security expertise of G&D with Phison’s know how in flash controller technology. G&D SFS develops, manufactures and markets innovative products incorporating flash memory components designed to enhance security, safeguard digital content, and protect identities in a connected world. The product portfolio of Giesecke & Devrient Secure Flash Solutions includes the Mobile Security Card, a secure microSD card with integrated smart card technology, as well as the secure USB drives of the SafeToGo product family.