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Webinar A Hackers Guide Courtesy of Mr. Robot

View the on-demand recording of this popular webinar.

The webinar analyzed some of the endpoint security exploits used in Mr. Robot, provided ways to thwart the attacks and took a deeper dive into the serious insider threats that exist within virtually every organization.

During this 30-minute complimentary online webinar, 25 year data and network security expert Dave Matthiesen will:
  1. Detail three specific endpoint exploits utilized in Mr. Robot including device, network and wireless protocol attacks
  2. Discuss how these and other endpoint vulnerabilities can be thwarted using data leak protection (DLP) software
  3. Analyse the insider threat and why hackers are now utilizing insider vulnerabilities rather than perimeter attacks to access computer systems
  4. Provide strategies for organisations as they are deploying solutions to eliminate or minimize the potential impact of malicious or accidental data breaches.


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