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Visiongain names DeviceLock in top 30 cloud security companies.

Recognizing the awareness of the DeviceLock solution on the global cloud security market, Visiongain, one of the most innovative independent media companies in Europe, has included DeviceLock in the list of thirty leading cloud security companies examined in the “Global Cloud Security Market 2013-2018” report published in August 2013 and available

We understand the DeviceLock’s nomination by Visiongain in the list of leading cloud security companies as an independent recognition of the DeviceLock solution’s value to corporate customers that are concerned about information security of cloud IT services,” noted Ashot Oganesyan, DeviceLock CTO and Founder. “DeviceLock DLP helps organizations mitigate the threat of insider data leaks via cloud-based file sharing services, such as Dropbox, SkyDrive and Google Drive, by inspecting and filtering the content of data flow to the cloud right at their source – on corporate endpoint computers”.

The DeviceLock Endpoint DLP Suite addresses the needs of organizations that require a simple and affordable approach to preventing data leaks from corporate Windows and Mac laptops, desktop computers, or virtual Windows sessions.

The DeviceLock DLP solution provides advanced content-aware controls over endpoint data leakage channels from a company’s computers – whether they are laptops, desktops, servers, and even virtualized BYOD devices. The solution is designed to effortlessly scale from small to large installations and simplify DLP deployment and management such that it can usually be performed by in-house Windows administrators using the Microsoft Active Directory’s Group Policy Management Console or DeviceLock’s companion consoles. DeviceLock administrators can dynamically manage distributed agents that enforce centrally defined policies that allow, block, and log data flows, as well as send real-time alerts on critical security-related events to administrators and external Security Event and Information Management (SIEM) systems. The complete package delivers an unprecedented level of functionality among endpoint DLP solutions in an easily affordable price range.


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