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Network Computing has reviewed DeviceLock 6.2.1

In the battle to lock down your network, its all too easy to focus more on securing your borders and less on the threat that lies within. Removable storage devices pose a serious security risk as they can be used to remove huge amounts of corporate data and the latest USB memory sticks can be installed in seconds.

DeviceLock offers a sophisticated solution that allows administrators to control access to any desktop device they choose. Naturally, the USB port is its prime target, but it can also control access to many other ports and devices including serial, parallel and infra-red, plus, CD, DVD and wireless network adapters. This latest version also provides extensive controls for Windows Mobile devices, with support for ActiveSync and WMDC (Windows Mobile Device Center) protocol filtering to control which data types tasks, notes, calendar items, emails, files, pictures end users are allowed to synchronize with their corporate computers . Windows Vista clients are now supported and real time monitoring of the local client DeviceLock services is a possibility. Encryption gets a higher profile as you can now permit access only to USB storage devices that use the open-source TrueCrypt.

Read the full review: Network Computing: DeviceLock 6.2.1 Product Review (PDF)


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