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DeviceLock® scores “three green-light” verdict at’s exclusive 60-Second Pitch: watch the video!

CIOs spend hours listening to suppliers pitch their latest technology. How would these vendors fare with just one minute to get their message across?

A panel of high-ranking CIOs at’s exclusive 60-Second Pitch have recently listened for the pitch on the DeviceLock technology presented by Sacha Chahrvin, DeviceLock’s UK Managing Director. David Supple, head of IT, Ecotec, Ian Cohen, CIO, and Jane Kimberlin, IT director, Domino's Pizza Group were on the panel that had thoroughly quizzed the DeviceLock product’s key capabilities and values to corporate customers. All the members of the panel unanimously gave “three green-light” verdict on the DeviceLock technology!

Watch the pitch and the following discussion right here:


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