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DeviceLock participated in the Web Conference Content-Aware DLP Solutions by the Radicati Group.

Web Conference Overview: Content-Aware Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions which offer content-aware monitoring of data in motion, data at rest, and data in use are becoming increasingly deployed by large organizations in all sectors as a way to proactively secure against potential corporate data loss and misuse. While this is a complex area where sophisticated technology melds with an understanding of social behavior, an increasing number of solutions are coming to the forefront to offer broad enterprise protection in an ever complex customer environment.

This web conference looked at how DLP solutions are evolving in the face of growing challenges from burgeoning social media deployment and the proliferation of end-user devices.The web conference brought together a speaker panel of experts from Code Green Networks and DeviceLock to discuss how DLP solutions have matured over the past 12 months and what benefits customers can expect to achieve from an investment in DLP technology.

The web conference was be moderated by Sara Radicati.

You can find the links for downloading the slides and recording of this event at


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