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DeviceLock, Inc announces the second beta version of DeviceLock« DLP Suite 8.3!

DeviceLock, Inc., a worldwide leader in endpoint data leak prevention software solutions, announced the second version of DeviceLock DLP Suite 8.3.

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What's New in DeviceLock 8.3 Beta 2:

  • NetworkLock: Enhanced SMB protocol support. There are several changes: Protocol Permissions can now control incoming files, Content-Aware Rules for Permissions can now handle outgoing files (including those ones being transferred via protocol-whitelisted connections). Performance of SMB interception was significantly improved for outgoing SMB connections.
  • ContentLock: Further improvements made in Fingerprinting functionality: it is now possible to manually add files directly to Fingerprints Database and other internal improvements for enhanced stability and performance. Note: This version does not support the database upgrade from the 8.3 beta 1 version.
  • ContentLock: Enhanced dialog for editing regular expression-based rule template groups, and the following options are added for regular expressions: "Case sensitive", "Visual anti-spoofing", "Cyrillic transliteration".
  • ContentLock: Added new regular expression patterns with respective validators: "Russian: OGRNIP", "Russian: OKATO", "Russian: Correspondent Account", "Russian: Social Card", "Russian: Passport Issuer Department Code", "Russian: KPP", "Russian: OKOGU", "Russian: OKFS", "Russian: OKOPF", and "Credit Card Dump".
  • ContentLock: Added new regular expression patterns: "Russian: Employment Record Book Number", "Russian: Diplomatic Passport", and "USSR Passport".
  • ContentLock: Following regular expression patterns were updated: "Russian: Pension Insurance Number", "Russian: Passport", and "Russian: International Passport".
  • ContentLock: Content-Aware rule group can now be viewed directly from the "Edit Rule" dialog using "View Group" button.
  • DeviceLock: Added new event type for the Audit Log: "Warning". This "Warning" type can be assigned to events related to conditions that may cause a problem unless action is taken. For instance, a "Warning" can be caused by an issue caused if a Content-Aware Rule for particularly sensitive content detection or permissions is triggered.

What's New in DeviceLock 8.3 Beta 1:

  • ContentLock / Discovery: Added new content detection method ľ "Document Fingerprints". Digital fingerprinting is a technique that DeviceLock employs to identify data transmitted across managed devices and network protocols. This technique leverages the concept of mapping documents or files to collections of relatively short alphanumeric strings (hashes), that are referred to as digital fingerprints, that can help to uniquely identify and classify the data held in the document or file for all practical purposes like data security and compliance. Digital fingerprints can be used to identify complete documents as well as pieces of documents, even if the document has been changed from the original. Fingerprints allow the contents of the document to be identified reliably, despite possible distortion caused by adding non-essential information (individual characters, insignificant words, etc.).

The most active beta testers will receive a free license for DeviceLock« DLP Suite with one year of free support and version upgrades.


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