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DeviceLock, Inc announces the first beta version of DeviceLock« DLP 9!

DeviceLock, Inc., a worldwide leader in endpoint data leak prevention software solutions, announced the first version of DeviceLock DLP 9.

What's New in DeviceLock 9 Beta 1:

  • UAM: Added a new optional component: User Activity Monitor (UAM). It provides the ability to monitor end user actions by video recording of the userĺs computer screen, as well as recording all keystrokes and information about the processes and applications that were running and used during recording. This kind of activity monitoring significantly expands the evidence base in the investigation of information security incidents, simplifying the process of identifying suspicious user behavior, and helps to reveal misuse of access privileges or data protection policies, thereby reducing risks of data leaks. An important feature of DeviceLock UAM is the ability to record a computer screen, keystrokes, and process information when a specific event occurs. DeviceLock UAM rules can be set to start recording upon various event occurrences, such as triggering a certain content inspection rule, connecting an external drive, running a certain process in the system, etc.
    User Activity Monitor records a computer screen and keystrokes when a specific event occurs
  • DeviceLock: Added new DeviceLock Enterprise Server report: User dossiers. User dossiers is a powerful and easy-to-use solution that enables authorized persons to keep track of computer user activity by using a convenient graphical representation of user action statistics. A statistical review on usersĺ online activity presented in user dossiers helps to assess the time spent on activities such as chats in instant messengers or visits to particular websites. User dossiers provide statistical indicators to monitor and assess various aspects of usersĺ behavior, such as frequency of attempts to perform unauthorized actions or transfer large volumes of data, changes in user online activity, etc.
    User dossiers enable authorized persons to keep track of computer user activity

The most active beta testers will receive a free license for DeviceLock« DLP Suite with one year of free support and version upgrades.


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