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DeviceLock« DLP Suite 8.2 just updated!

DeviceLock, Inc., a leading developer of data leakage prevention (DLP) solutions, today announced the update of DeviceLock DLP Suite 8.2.

What's New in DeviceLock 8.2.70986 (versus 8.2.70540):

  • NetworkLock: Added new File Sharing protocol control services: Sendspace and MediaFire.
  • NetworkLock: Added new Web Mail protocol control service: NAVER.
  • NetworkLock: Added new Social Network protocol control services: Instagram and Pinterest.
  • NetworkLock: Enhanced Telegram control. Connections to Telegram from the Telegram Desktop application are now controlled separately from connections established by web browsers and other Telegram-compatible applications. In addition to contextually blocking/allowing connections, Telegram Desktop control supports selective auditing of messages, incoming media calls, outgoing media calls, received files, and sent files. For the Telegram Desktop specific control, it supports contextual control of data shadowing as well as content analysis for contingent shadowing selectively for incoming messages, outgoing messages, received files, and sent files. Content analysis for detection rules can also be controlled selectively for outgoing messages and files sent from Telegram Desktop. Telegram Web control supports contextual blocking/allowing, auditing, and alerting of connections established to Telegram by web browsers and other Telegram-compatible applications.
  • NetworkLock: Removed support for the AOL Instant Messenger (aka AIM) protocol control due to the closure of their web service.
  • ContentLock: Modified "Password Protected" option trigger condition for MS Office files (.doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx) and PDF documents. Now, the "Password Protected" flag will trigger only in the case when a documentĺs content and/or attachments cannot be extracted due to password protection being set on the document or to its embedded objects.
  • DeviceLock: Added new Security Settings parameters: "Access control for USB audio devices" and "Access control for USB cameras". By disabling these flags, you can disable access check on USB Port level for USB-based audio devices (headphones, microphones, etc.) and USB-based cameras respectively.
  • DeviceLock: Added further improvements to the DeviceLock Service agentĺs self-protection function that is activated using the DeviceLock Administrators feature when the Enable Default Security setting flag is unchecked.
  • DeviceLock: Fixed compatibility issues with third-party software: VirtualBox 5.2.

DeviceLock DLP Suite components are priced on a modular basis. DeviceLock, a leading port and peripheral device access control component, can be purchased independently. As all components are included in any Suiteĺs installation, customers interested in the ContentLock and NetworkLock add-on components can deploy their DLP functionality incrementally by simply turning on additional capabilities as their security requirements demand and budgets allow.


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