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DeviceLock« DLP Suite 8.1 just updated.

DeviceLock, Inc., a leading developer of data leakage prevention (DLP) solutions, today announced the update of DeviceLock DLP Suite 8.1.

What's New in DeviceLock 8.1.62685 (versus 8.1.62146):

  • NetworkLock: Added new File Sharing protocol control service:
  • NetworkLock: Enhanced the WebMail controls.
  • NetworkLock: Fixed issue in MAPI control when using the Outlook 2007 client connected to a cloud-based Exchange 2013 server.
  • ContentLock / Discovery: Added new content keywords groups: "HIPAA ICD 10 - Diseases and Injuries" and "HIPAA ICD 10 - Drugs and Chemicals".
  • ContentLock / Search Server: Enhanced support for text extraction from .doc, .pdf, .rar, .docx, .msg, .one, .pages, .qpw, .ppt files.
  • ContentLock / Search Server: Many internal improvements of OCR engine and enhanced image processing speed that increased performance 5-10%.
  • Discovery: Enhanced Dropbox, SpiderOak, Yandex.Disk local synchronization applications support.
  • Discovery: Enhanced support for scanning SMB shares hosted on Linux-based systems.
  • Discovery: Fixed intermittent issue that caused "Objects Found" counter in Discovery task report to be higher than the actual quantity of objects found.
  • DeviceLock: Added full support for Microsoft Windows 10 and Apple OS X 10.11 (El Capitan).
  • DeviceLock: Added support for SMTPS servers for sending alerts and e-mailing DeviceLock Enterprise Server reports. DeviceLock automatically detects if encryption is supported for specified server and port.
  • DeviceLock: Fixed issue that caused DeviceLock Management Console to hang when trying to save a Monitoring task with a settings file larger than 7 Mb.
  • DeviceLock: Fixed issue with Detection rules when writing data to Removable and Floppy device types.
  • DeviceLock: Improved interception and shadow copying mechanism for Printers control.
  • DeviceLock: Improvements made in real-time protection function of DeviceLock Administrators feature.
  • DeviceLock: Enhanced DeviceLock Service stability when handling operations with TS Devices (Mapped Drives).
  • DeviceLock: Fixed issue with custom pop up message for USB/FireWire Blocked Message.
  • DeviceLock: Improved general compatibility with third-party software products: Webroot Secure AnyWhere, VirtualBox.

DeviceLock DLP Suite components are priced on a modular basis. DeviceLock, a leading port and peripheral device access control component, can be purchased independently. As all components are included in any Suiteĺs installation, customers interested in the ContentLock and NetworkLock add-on components can deploy their DLP functionality incrementally by simply turning on additional capabilities as their security requirements demand and budgets allow.


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