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DeviceLock® DLP Suite 8.1 just updated.

DeviceLock, Inc., a leading developer of data leakage prevention (DLP) solutions, today announced the update of DeviceLock DLP Suite 8.1.

What's New in DeviceLock 8.1.63827 (versus 8.1.63283):

  • NetworkLock: Added new File Sharing protocol control services: and
  • NetworkLock: Enhanced Hotmail ( Web Mail control.
  • ContentLock / Discovery / Search Server: Added OCR support for Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional, Arabic, Japanese and Korean languages.
  • Discovery: Fixed intermittent issue that caused DeviceLock Discovery Server’s inability to finish task in Agentless mode.
  • DeviceLock: Enhanced DeviceLock for Mac policies verification in DeviceLock Enterprise Server – Monitoring feature.
  • DeviceLock: Now DeviceLock Enterprise Server encrypts some of its database fields to secure the data.
  • DeviceLock: Fixed issue that caused Removable, Floppy and Optical drive shadow copies to duplicate in the DeviceLock Enterprise Server Shadow Log Viewer when “Transfer shadow data to server” was set to “File names only”.
  • DeviceLock: MS SQL Server 2000 is no longer supported in DeviceLock Enterprise Server.
  • DeviceLock: Many internal improvements in Alerts.
  • DeviceLock: Fixed intermittent issue that caused Content-Aware Rules to re-check original files restored by “Safe File Overwrite” that either caused a looping error condition or “Safe File Overwrite” feature malfunction.
  • DeviceLock: Improved performance for securing Removable devices when Content-Aware Rules are set in some specific scenarios.
  • DeviceLock: Fixed issue that caused the absence of the policy settings file name in DeviceLock Service Settings Editor.
  • DeviceLock: Fixed DeviceLock Enterprise Manager issue that caused .anm file comparison malfunction.
  • DeviceLock: Improved compatibility with third-party hardware: Aladdin eToken.
  • DeviceLock: Improved compatibility with third-party software: Kaspersky Total Security 16.
  • The user manual and help-files have been updated for easier overall reference, and to include information about all new features.

DeviceLock DLP Suite components are priced on a modular basis. DeviceLock, a leading port and peripheral device access control component, can be purchased independently. As all components are included in any Suite’s installation, customers interested in the ContentLock and NetworkLock add-on components can deploy their DLP functionality incrementally by simply turning on additional capabilities as their security requirements demand and budgets allow.


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