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DeviceLock DLP Suite 8.1 just updated.

DeviceLock, Inc., a leading developer of data leakage prevention (DLP) solutions, today announced the update of DeviceLock DLP Suite 8.1.

What's New in DeviceLock 8.1.64652 (versus 8.1.64361):

  • NetworkLock: Enhanced Google Drive File Sharing web service control.
  • Discovery: Fixed intermittent issue that caused inability of integrated DeviceLock Discovery agent to stop on some systems.
  • DeviceLock: Resolved issue that caused incorrect USB devices serial numbers handling in DeviceLock Enterprise Server reports (Top used USB devices and Top inserted USB & FireWire devices).
  • DeviceLock: Fixed issue that caused malfunction of Shadow Log Viewers filter function when using wildcards in the "Source" field.
  • DeviceLock: Enhanced Clipboard and TS Devices Clipboard support when handling mixed clipboard contents for access control, audit, alert and shadow copy operations.
  • DeviceLock: Enhanced Serial ports and USB to Serial device support.
  • DeviceLock: Improved core module stability and security.
  • DeviceLock: Improved compatibility with third-party software: PowerDVD 15.

DeviceLock DLP Suite components are priced on a modular basis. DeviceLock, a leading port and peripheral device access control component, can be purchased independently. As all components are included in any Suites installation, customers interested in the ContentLock and NetworkLock add-on components can deploy their DLP functionality incrementally by simply turning on additional capabilities as their security requirements demand and budgets allow.


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