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DeviceLock« 6.3 just released!

DeviceLock, Inc., a worldwide leader in endpoint device control security, today announced the release of DeviceLock« 6.3. DeviceLock controls and audits activity at all plug-and-play ports and drives, and via removable devices. Now with version 6.3, it offers granular user access control, auditing and shadowing for local, network and virtual printers, as well as local sync object filtering for any Palm« OS based smartphones and PDAs.

Press release: DeviceLock Endpoint Security Software Now Controls Local Printing and Filters Syncs To Palm Devices

What's New in DeviceLock« 6.3 (versus 6.2.1):

  • Added granular access control, auditing and shadowing for Palm OS devices. Now you can set permissions for different objects (pictures, contacts, e-mails, etc.) transferring to/from PDAs running Palm OS. Also, you can enable auditing and shadowing for objects copying from the PCs to PDAs. All connection interfaces (USB, COM, IrDA, Bluetooth, WiFi) are supported.

  • Added granular access control, auditing and shadowing for local and network printers. Now you can control who can send documents to printers as well as when printing is permissible. All connection interfaces (USB, LPT, network, etc.) are supported. Also, you can enable auditing and shadowing of printing activities. Later, saved copies of any printed documents can be viewed using the built-in viewer.

  • New flag for Security Settings parameters - "Access control for virtual printers". By disabling this flag you can prevent control, audit and shadowing of those printers which do not send documents to real devices, but instead print to files (e.g. PDF converters).

  • Now using the Temporary White List it is possible to allow a device for a current userĺs session.

  • Improved compatibility with Windows Vista Service Pack 1.

  • Improved Windows 2000 TrueCrypt support.

  • Improved support for PGP Whole Disk Encryption version 9.8.

  • Enhanced compatibility with the Intel GM965 Express chipset.

  • Reduced loading of SQL Server while processing logs in DeviceLock« Enterprise Server.

Existing customers that are still within their one-year free maintenance period can use this new version without any fee!

Other customers can also receive an upgrade but for the additional fee. If you want to purchase an upgrade, please e-mail us at support (at) (Please delete the space before and after the "(at)" letters and also replace "(at)" with @ mark. We are sorry for this inconvenience, but these steps are necessary to help us avoid SPAM.)


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