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DeviceLock« 6.0 just released!

SmartLine Inc announced the general availability of DeviceLock« 6.0, a release that comprehensively addresses the challenge of enforcing endpoint security policy and auditing activity for all plug-and-play ports, drives, and removable devices on Windows computers.


What's New in DeviceLock« 6.0 (versus 5.73):

  • DeviceLock« now supports data shadowing - the ability to mirror all data copied to external storage devices (removable, floppy, DVD/CD-ROM) and transferred via COM and LPT ports. A full copy of the files and data is saved. Shadowing is an extended function of DeviceLock« Audit and like auditing can be defined on a per-user basis.

  • A new Media White List feature allows you to uniquely identify a specific DVD/CD-ROM disk by the data signature and authorize access to it, even when DeviceLock« has otherwise blocked the DVD/CD-ROM drive. Any change to the content of the media will change the data signature, thus invalidating authorization. In this way, a white-listed disk cannot be used to introduce unwanted data to the network. A DeviceLock« Media White List can be configured to grant access to a collection of approved DVD/CD-ROM disks by certain users and groups, so that only authorized users are able to use the approved information.

  • DeviceLock« Enterprise Server is added for centralized collecting and storing of shadow files. DeviceLock« Enterprise Server uses MS SQL Server to store received data.

  • DeviceLock« Management Console (MMC snap-in) now includes a module for remote administration of DeviceLock« Enterprise Server. Using this console, you can manage DeviceLock« Service and administer DeviceLock« Enterprise Server at the same time.

  • For each DeviceLock« Service you can now define the name of the DeviceLock« Enterprise Server to which the service reports shadow files as soon as they arrive.

  • In the Service Options dialog you can now set a disk quota for shadowed data, ensuring that the user's free disk space is not overburdened.

  • Now you can view logged files using a built-in viewer on the Shadow Log Viewer dialog.

  • Even deleted shadow data is now logged. When records are removed from the shadow data log, the binary data is deleting from the database but the information about these records is written to a Deleted Shadow Data Log and can be conveniently viewed from the DeviceLock« Management Console.

  • A special log for DeviceLock« Enterprise Server writes its internal information, warnings and errors for convenient viewing from DeviceLock« Management Console.

  • A custom message can now be displayed when temporary access permission expires for devices that were authorized via Temporary White List.

  • Now all DeviceLock« components install via a single installation package - setup.exe. Using this package you can install DeviceLock« Service, DeviceLock« Enterprise Server, all management consoles, as well as documentation and help files. The setup_gp.exe packaged was removed.

  • The user manual and help-files have been significantly updated to include information about all new features and for easier reference overall.

Existing customers that are still within their one-year free maintenance period can use this new version without any fee!

Other customers can also receive an upgrade but for the additional fee. If you want to purchase an upgrade, please e-mail us at upgrade (at) (Please delete the space before and after the "(at)" letters and also replace "(at)" with @ mark. We are sorry for this inconvenience, but these steps are necessary to help us avoid SPAM.)


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