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DeviceLock« 5.73 build 305 is available

SmartLine Inc has once again expanded the DeviceLock« feature set so devices in the USB White List can now be assigned to users and groups.


What's New in DeviceLock« 5.73 (versus 5.72):

  • Build 305: Fixed the potential problem with an unprivileged access to the local hard drive in the raw mode (direct access).

  • Build 303: Fixed problems with roaming user profiles.

  • Build 300: Fixed problems with white listing Aladdin HASP HL dongles and some USB Flash drives.

  • Build 288: Fixed problems with 3G/GPRS (UMTS) data cards.

  • Devices in the USB White List can now be assigned to users and groups. This allows you to have more granular control over which users have access to what USB devices on their computers. One user can be allowed to use a certain device, while another user can't use it on the same computer.

Existing customers that are still within their one-year free maintenance period can use this new version without any fee!

Other customers can also receive an upgrade but for the additional fee. If you want to purchase an upgrade, please e-mail us at upgrade (at) (Please delete the space before and after the "(at)" letters and also replace "(at)" with @ mark. We are sorry for this inconvenience, but these steps are necessary to help us avoid SPAM.)


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