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What is the "DLP: A Critical Piece of the GDPR Puzzle"?

In order to find out whether and how DLP technologies could be useful for achieving European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance, the nature of the GDPR and several interrelated aspects of its practical application should be considered. These considerations include the fundamental dependence between data security and information privacy protection; an interpretation of the GDPRs data security-related principle; how the specifics of personal data protection in access and transfer operations of IT systems defines some key functional requirements for their security components; and which existing infosecurity technologies could satisfy these requirements.

Why do I need this whitepaper?

The utility of using data leak prevention technologies for achieving GDPR compliance is the paramount question for DLP vendors and their customers. This document provides an explanatory answer to this question. Its arguments, explanations, and conclusions could be used by CISOs, project owners, system architects, and designers, as well as other specialists for developing their own conclusive opinions on whether and how DLP functions and components could be used in projects aimed at making corporate IT systems GDPR compliant.

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